Why You Should Own Your Own Business!

Business as usual!

Now why would you want to own and run your own business?

People usually say a 90 % of businesses go upside down in the first 5 years, well if thats the case why are my businesses not going upside down I have made profit on all of them and closed a few but still walked away with a money in my hands and in my wallet?

The Lie

Let me tell you that if someone could discourage you to start your own business that only means more pie for me! Seriously why most people don’t start a business is because they think it will fail is good news to me because like I said earlier I get more of the pie, and man how I love my pie!


Now here is a few things you need to make sure your business doesn’t go upside down.


Demand: This concept is simple to grasp are people looking for your service or not.

Healthy Competition or none at all : this only proves there is money to be made in the area

Growth in the market : is there more demand for your service as time goes on?

Now What?

Marketing the Foundation of your business

This is the biggest thing that most businesses do wrong they start a business without getting the foundation set, aka marketing plan, how you going find new clients, how are you going to repeat the cycle, is the marketing plan scalable, do you have multiple places people can find you? like google, facebook, instagram, etc the more the better

this is where people turn off and say f it business is way to hard to start, ill keep my job,

well that is something to consider too that when you start you have to create all the marketing, you have to sell, you have to be customer service, you have to do a lot intel you can get the money to start outsourcing all the little things your going to be running around doing everything at first, this is the hardest part of starting any business is your going to need a lot of time


How to solve this


Simple answer is money, you can still have a job but you need to start investing money into your business because of the time limitations and your going to be super tired after work so its simpler to delegate tasks vs do them. Your welcome

take a look at a few business i run bellow

Businesses I own and Run




Part 2 is coming soon!


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